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If you are accepted as an applicant, you may be asked to provide the following information:

Proof of household income over the past 30 days. Include all paystubs received by any contributing household members. If applicable, unemployment, SSI, SSA, VA benefits, retirement pension, child support, disability payments, or income from any other source.

W2 form from an employer, paystub with a complete SS number, or W7. If you are not registered with the SS Administration, you must provide some form of ID.

Social Security documentation for all household members: Social Security (SS) card, documentation from the SS Administration.

Photo ID of the person applying for assistance.

Disconnection notices, rental late notices, past due utility bills, or eviction papers.

Rental lease to verify your residence.

Community Resources

Mental Health & Crisis Intervention

Monarch Mobile Crisis Management

School Assistance for Children

Child Care Resources

Legal Assitance for Families

Legal Aid NC

Domestic Violence

Safe Alliance

Parenting Support

Free Parenting Classes