How Poverty Affects Charlotte Families

Poverty is a growing trend in the United States that causes unnecessary stress and worry to many families. According to Forbes, the United States has a poverty level of 13.4% nationwide. Out of all the families that live within the Charlotte city limits, 16.4% of this population lives in poverty and many of the families that are below the poverty line have children in the home. Many families are affected by poverty but Charlotte families have a percentage higher than the national average. Due to this, many people that struggle under the poverty line are affected dramatically. According to APA,

How Can You Help Your Community?

Sometimes life knocks even some of the most stable people down when it comes to finances. But did you know that you could help someone without donating money? Even if someone is struggling with their finances, you could donate your time to help them with chores around the house, watching kids for a couple hours, or even going to the store for them. There are so many tasks one could do to help someone in need. Kindness goes a long way and many people that receive assistance with even the smallest of things, are very grateful and will hold it

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